Male Masturbation Techniques

Ways to masturbate and have fun:
Single fist: The use of a single fist is perhaps the most basic male masturbation technique. You simply wrap your fingers around the erect penis firmly and slide your hand up and down over your cock. This technique produces the most contact between hand and penis.

Fist over Fist: In this technique you alternate fists, sliding first one and then the other from the base of the penis to the tip. This way you strike up a similar rhythm with the single fisted method. For a different twist, move one fist upwards and the other downwards.

Fabulous Pressure With one hand, pull the shaft's skin toward the base and wrap the fingers of this hand around the base to act as a cock ring. With the other hand, rhythmically choose various points along the shaft of the penis and squeeze opposite sides of the penile shaft at these points, releasing pressure either immediately or after a brief period of time.

Continuous Penetration Start with one hand lightly grasping the top of the penis. Then stroke the penis from the top to the bottom, letting the penis "penetrate" into your fist on each stroke. Before the head of his penis pops out of your hand, bring the other hand up for the next penetration.
This makes it seem like penetrating deeper and deeper into an endless vagina. Keep the penetration continuous for the best effect.

Glans Head Massage Hold the penis in one hand with the head sticking up. Using the well-oiled palm of your other hand, slowly and sensitively massage the glans head. Reverse directions every once in a while.

Two Fingers: This method uses just the thumb and forefinger and can be substituted for the single hand. Stroke the shaft from base to tip or just move the thumb and forefinger back and forth over only the head of the penis.

Thumbs and Fingers: Grasp the penis with the thumb and two fingers from each hand. Then stroke up and down, varying the speed and the pressure until reaching orgasm.
Milking the Rod Start with one hand lightly grasping the bottom of the penis. Then stroke the penis from the bottom all the way to the top. When you hit the top, release the penis. Meanwhile, bring your other hand to the bottom of the penis and repeat. For longer lasting pleasure, use lubricant.

Steam Bath Make sure you're naked for this one. Run the shower on it's hottest setting for a few minutes. Let the bathroom and shower get really steamy, then shut off the water, dry your hands, get into the shower and masturbate normally. The heat from the floor of the shower and the rising steam will add exquisite pleasure ...

Igloo Masturbate normally until you are fully aroused and almost to the point of ejaculation. When you feel yourself nearing the point of no return, pick up several ice cubes and begin to masturbate while holding the cubes. For a variation, try crushed ice.

Hot Dripping Pussy Simulation Lubricate your hands thoroughly with a water soluble lubricant. The slicker the better in this case. Grasp the penis and try to simulate the feelings you get when a pussy has a tight grip on the penis and is squeezing and releasing it spasmodically.

Object Insertions There are many different objects that you can thrust your penis into that will simulate vaginal sex. Most of them are readily available. Toilet paper rolls are one idea. Cutting a hole large enough for for erect penis to fit through in a watermelon or cantaloupe is another. Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Pillow Sex Place a couple of pillows down on the bed or location of your choice and insert your penis in between them. Then thrust your penis in and out simulating intercourse.
Falling Water Place yourself so that the water will spray over your penis. This can be done by positioning yourself near enough to the tub faucet, the shower nozzle, or even a garden hose.
Shower Head: You need a hand-held shower head for this. Direct the spray at the back of your penis, the spot where the head and the shaft meet. This can produce very pleasurable feelings.

Soapy Shower: The shower is always a great place for masturbation being warm and comfy. It's also a great place to fantasize as you stroke your soaped up penis all the way to orgasm.

Try these and create your own variations ... Have Fun amd Enjoy!

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