Hong Kong Trip 08

Well, just back from 5 days HK trip and we are lucky as the day before we arrive, a typhoon hit HK. The 1st three day, the weather was wet and cloudy. So, we go around and search for umbrella since we need to do a lot walking but umbrella in HK cost around $49 & above.. ~.~” sigh
So we only walk with our jacket. We have prepared to do a lot walking, but in reality is really dam tired. HK weather is so polluted and we have to put on mask once we back to hotel right before we go to bed. Transport in HK are not cheap, food wise also not cheap and shopping also not as cheap as I imagine. Maybe I should go end of August when the summer sales going crazy.

Day 1
Check-in hotel. Dorsett Kowloon – a decent and nice hotel. The room was small and most important is clean. We took bus to Mongkok and walk around. Been to Tung Choi Street, Ladies Market, Sports Shoe Street, Sai Yeung Choi Street and etc. I noticed a lot “lala muis” there. Most of the HK ladies are thin, same ‘look’ and same style. Sport shoes, messy hair, color dress whatever.. I didn’t see any lenglui lor…lengchai..got la..Those young policemen ‘hang pit’ look so cute…hehehehe

'Are lots of Hong Kong people really rude, or does it just seem that way to me .Well,I believe not all Hongkongers are rude.Those aunty in Miu Kai really sik sii one. And I noticed HK are so crowded and ppl walk so fast. Walk slow definetely will hits by them and they will show one kind of face to you. Ceh !
Walk until dam tired and can’t think what to eat, so juz grab some streetfood. Yummy chau tau fu, curry fishball, kai tan chai, wun chai chi and pig organ (which I think not good…yeeee)

Day 2
Morning went to Wong Tai Sin Temple. How unlucky we are, we meet few ah poh and ‘paksa’ us to buy ‘heung chuk’..They grab your hand and put the things in yr bag..talk rubbish la.. ‘ yap nguk kiu yan, yap miu pai san arr’ help ah poh la..$10 only..my fren kena $20 for additional stuff..make sure if you want, give exactly $10 otherwise very difficult to get back the balance.
Sigh..Raining so heavily that day.Then take MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui.

I thought the Espirit Outlet mentioned by Cely in Harbour City, so I went there since I need to go to Arena of Stars. By then I SMS cely for the Outlet location, and actually was at the Citygate @ Tung Chung.Sigh…but then as I walk around, arhaaa I found Espirit Outlet! 2 storey some more, wait no more I went inside and shop! Bought a red dress, which I yearn for quite sometimes and finally I found it here. The price is cheap compare to SG & MY. Manage to grab few cloths there.
I do went to Tung Chung outlet as well and I noticed the stock there not many as in Tsim Sha Tsui. Maybe a lot ppl went there.

Day 3 & Day 4

Went to Disneyland..blardy expensive entrance fees..then we head to Tung Chung CityGate Oulets. We went to The Peak, Times Square, and take tram to Lan Kwai Fong for a drink with Oscar and Joyce (HK frens). Thanks to them for bring us around. We found H&M in Langham Place, Mongkok. SG & MY do not have this brand. We manage to bought few cloths from there. The Cloths are nice and good quality. On the day we shops in Mongkok again, a fire blast happened there. The incident killed 2 firemen and 1 local fella as the fire level was 5. Smoke was everywhere. Almost 200 firemen were working to put the fire out. Not to forgot we went to Temple Street and the famous Mido Café. I saw a lot ‘special’ stalls in Miu Kai and I manage to bought one ‘ mini vibrate toy’ muahhahaa..


muaxxxxx muaxxx

Day 5

Take ferry to Macau and we thought have enough time to walk in Macau town, but then went we arrived in immigrant entrance, there are long queue and dam blardy slow. And started to rain, sigh…we took bus to Macau Airport and check-in just on time. Next time muz back to Macau again..Overall trip was ok but I don’t think I be back to HK again. I still prefer beach, massage, nice food and bikini suntan. Next destination will be Bangkok, Taiwan, Bali.


Cely said...

hahaha.. macau is boring place. U onli need a day there, it will be more than enough.

Yea, hk is just a busier version of SG and KL. H&M was okay i thought.. i din get to buy anything there.. coz freaking a lot ppl. siao one.

mars said...

macau...yalor..i also think 1 day should be enough..
H&M ..tat day I went was okie..no so crowded..I went Times Sq and got one shop next to Muji..which also good. Cheap n nice brand..forgot the brand name liao