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Been lack of blogging recently due to limited internet access. My housing area still not have Internet access yet, but I heard TM ppl are installing fixed phone line next week. Office pulak, most of the site been blocked. Even MSN also even all personal electronic item have to keep in locker to ensure we do not abide to the company's rules and code of conduct. Handphone of coz! Sigh..

Really busy lately, and guess what. Everyday I back from work, I will do housework for 1hr. Either wash my car, wash car porch, watering my grass, clean the window, vacum, clean the floor, blah blah blah..seem like never ending task…but this can help me keep fitness since I stop my gym. I still pampered myself geh, a monthly 3 hour facial treatment @ NorthPoint MidValley. Do not forget do your own DIY facial, body scrub and hair as well. Arrghh, currently my hair split end a lots..lack of vitamin I guess..kek sam nyerrrr~

Some food photo took during HK trip...

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