Is been a while

Was a bit suprise, I can logon to blogspot and do update via my office network..hahaha.. (*my office network blocked most of the site)

well, nothing much to just like sleep work eat sleep work..
will be abit busy over these few weekend. Gonna look for contractor to change my window, do my wet kitchen, sliding door for my dry kitchen...blah blah blah...oh..i haven't finished paint my external wall for my hse...well we (my bf & I) paint the whole hse, internal & external.. dam tired but quite statisfying....According to market survey, paint internal & external for a hse will cost around RM2K. Well, I can save tat $$ for other purpose. My hse still empty coz not enough $$..It is not easy to built a nice and comfortable home..Ok..let me do some generic calculation for u all..

curtain for main sliding door + Masterbed room window- Rm400+ for 1 window/door (double layer)..So approx RM800+ are required ..(pricing are depends on the type/design of textiles)
Other window leh....sigh
Bed + Mattress - Rm1-2K
Simen table for wet kitchen - RM700-800
Kitchen window (aluminium + sliding type) - Approx Rm1K
Dry kitchen cabinet - hmm.. Rm7K above (postponed dam freakin expensive)
Dining table - Rm1K (postponed)
Sofa - Rm3K (postponed)
Lighting - RM2K above
Water filter machine (Elken) Rm2K
Electric item (aircon, fans, fridge,washine machine, yada yada) - countlesss $$......
Wardrobe - postponed
Plant - countless
Other major renovation (move pillar, built wall for wet kitchen, yada yada) - countless $$$

okla..countless dam pk now

update : My papaya tree are growing well. Other plants doin great as well. More green, more recycle and I hope to start on organic thingy as well.



RealGunners said...

actually, u can just tell us the total $$ its going to cost...

and.. wat abt ur own papaya? they growing well too? XD

mars said...

my own papaya...shit disappointed..never grown up..any fertiliser to recommend ?? hahaha