Darling, I am home !!

Deejavu ?? lonely? happy?? which one are you ?

Every feel when you back home, you just need someone close, someone you love waiting for you. "daring I am home ! " & the answer "Yes, honey"..juz feel warm..

Friday nite went to MyKtv at MidValley with my frens..We sang from 7.30 to 12 midnite..yeah..supposely start from 7pm..but coz of rain & jam...sudah rugi 30mins !! Dinner buffet + K'oke = RM38 per head.. price reasonable..but very little choice of food... =.="

We sang all nite..took many pic with the help of the waiter..pss...ladies...all worker are male !! We took pic with weird & stupid pose till the waiter ask " Nei tei mm mai local yan arr ?" ( You guys not local ppl ??) wakakaka...adoi..this is trend la...kor kor jai..

After K'oke..when yumchar at Puchong before go home..drink till 1.30am...still early..but need to go home liao..

Reach home, call my darling to open the door..Instead said "Darling, I am home !" I said "bu hao yi shi" (sorry) awake u up...." Feel very warm & sweet.. Muakss

Yesterday, woke up at 10.30am..sleep like pig...we went to have lunch & then head to Sunway Piramid.Bought a new pair of working heels, skirt & a new pair of glasses...pk already..but..i didnt get my heels yet..

I'm looking for size 9 white heels with ribbon on top from NOSE..Going to hunt it next week in 1U !! muz get it...

And one more thing..I won't forget my another sweetie GGL...oOOo..GGL...A very nice, friendly, big & funny one...

~Muakss..to my darling RT & sweetie ~

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