How true is this ?

“I love you. Will you be with me? I will do my best and treasure
every moment with you. I know you are the one that I have
been waiting for all my life. I promise I will never
ever make you cry.”

I was going through this blog & found this is very
interesting site.
Relationship between author, Fanny (young & sweet lover)
& Crystal (4 yr live-in GF). Story begin when the
author meet Fanny, everything seem perfect,
sexy, sweet honeymoon
period plus Fanny is a virgin...

Moving closer to her, I began stroking her black silky hair.
Than I proceed to nibble on her ears lobe. Shortly after, my
hands were under her clothes. She didnt seem to mind my
advances. It wasnt long that she was totally naked in front of
me. I knew she was a virgin so on previous dates
I had ‘prepared’ her by light petting. However,
this is the first time I saw the real her.
Sweet young thing, beautiful smooth complexion, wow!
By now, I had worked up her desire........

After few dating,

"She was becoming more experienced and was no longer
a passive partner in bed. She was bold and exciting. I knew
I was dead! I was totally under her charm. I love great sex,
especially with a participating partner. I felt almighty,
I felt like the Sex God! Shagging her was all that
I thought of all day. My ego was on an all time high!"

But hey, honeymoon period soon over, my dear !

My bank account went from 5 digits to 4 digits. At the rate
I was spending, it wouldnt last me more than 3 months.
I had totally devoted my time to Fanny, and neglected my work.
I needed to cut my expenses. ......... Once our honeymoon
period was over, she became a very demanding girlfriend.
I had to be there when she needed me, but never vice versa.
I had to tell her a joke everytime she felt sad. Frequent
expensive gifts were a must, she loved the latest
electronics gadgets.
(See..see.....typical princess, high maintainance & demanding...ceh ceh)

But I had no problems meeting her demands, I
treasured her a nd my life revolved around her.
Somehow, I had a feeling it
wouldnt last long. ....... (betul betul...said the right words)

For the rest of the day, she remained uncontactable.
I felt like a ship trapped in the perfect storm

without any navigation

equipment. I forgot to eat, drink and sleep. I only wanted

answers, I needed to contact her.
“Fanny, please return my call.”

“I know you treated me very well but I dont have that same

feeling anymore. I dont know why. Let us

cool down for a while. Maybe we can be together

again at a later time.”

“When you are ready to accept me as a friend, call me.”

After several requests, we finally met after 2 days.
I was overjoyed to see her. She wanted to have dinner at
Pasta Mania so I drove her to Parkway Parade. On the way
from the car park to the restaurant, I tried to hold her hands.
She looked at me and asked
In order not to spoil the evening, I tried to act normally.
However, I missed the closeness we once had together,
I missed holding her hands.

The evening had come to a close, I was on the way sending her
home. When I almost reached her place, she said she
didnt want to go home so early. She suggested going
up to my apartment for a while. Of course, I was very happy.
I could spend more time with her.
I didnt know what happend, but we ended up in bed.
On the way home, I asked her:
“I thought we are just friends?”
“Yes we are.”
“But just now?”
“If I didnt do it with you, I would have looked for other guys.

Which do you prefer?”
I was speechless. But who cares? I felt like the good old days again.

It was a strange arrangement. Outside the bedroom,
I was just a friend. I felt like I was just a tool to satisfy
her urges, but I just couldnt let go. How could I when
she was my everything
for the past 8 months. My life revolved around her and
I had almost lost all my friends.

I was suffering from depression. The pain in my heart
was very intense, I had that same recurring nightmare again.
One night, I decided to end it all. I swallowed 30 panadols
with a bottle of liquor. While waiting for death to pick me,
I called Crystal to apologise. I understood the pain
I brought to her. An hour later, maybe two,
I felt an acute pain in my stomach. I thought it was time.

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