Hou Lan Sien ~

..28th Aug, Monday Bluesss ~

Wat a boring day..no much work to do since 3 more working days .. yes..i am leaving the company for a better opportunity, a better future..konon la..Been worked permanent here for about 2 yrs..not included temp yet..Not much improvement, no promotion, not much salary increment..but workload..right now quite okie if compare last year..work like dog..especially when it come to peak period & deadlines !! fuhlamak..Work place is selfish & stressful but at least I got my own gal gang..can chat, laugh, bising bising, msn la, mp3 la,breakfast time, teatime, astro la, etc
This is my current cubicle..

Merdeka holiday coming soon..no where to go....merdeka eve...no where to go...Ikano ?? Just thinking whether wanna go or not..It will be a crowded & jam every where...should I go home watch tv or goin out for street party.....sien sei yan arrr........

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