Hing Hap Hap

In Need

Well, man & women all are in need. In fact, one thing that you could not change is
men are "hamsup". I do agree some are not which only 1 out of 10.
Do your bf or male frens look at gal which have big boob,
sexy & pretty ? Do they watch porn? Yes, they do. Do you like that?
Yes/No? Most ppl will watch togather & end up both naked.
For me, doesn't matter as men are born like tat. We need to
accept the fact that men like to watch porn.

As time goes by, not only male in need.Modern female as well &
this is why the Gigolo business go so well nowdays.
Read the lastest news.Bangla gigolo..adoi..she could get
local gigolo.

They could stastify lonely rich women by using their good
looking features, body & sex skills..skills? wat skills
they need to have in order to statify women..
1) Good looking
2) Solid well build body
3) Good massager
4) Good kisser/Deep French Kissing
5) Dick Sucking Lips
6) Full Body Sensual Massage
6) oral sex to orgasm
7) DATY - Dining at the Y
8) Full Service Intercourse

Make sure she moan like dead mother..beh tahan till she blow..Then u r the one eligible gigolo..

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