Help me lose my virginity

SHE has a degree, she's funny and she's not a bad looker.

Miss Sarah DiMuro is on a quest to lose her virginity before her

30th birthday.
The Catholic-raised Rhode Island native explained:
'Recently, I just became startlingly aware of the fact that I'm about to turn 30.

'Some people buy a new car. Some people get their hair cut differently.

'Me, I haven't done so much with my life in terms of social

stuff. So this is my adventure - with a kind of scientific method.'

She'll be 30 on 7 Nov. So, with time ticking, she decided to enlist

the help of Jane magazine to meet the deadline, reported The New York Daily Mail.

Miss DiMuro, who says her first kiss with a boy didn't happen

till she was 23, has signed a legal document attesting to her chastity.

She's even game for a medical exam to verify her claim.

She said: 'I am a girl who is not particularly religious nor prudish

or shy, but I was a complete and utter dork growing up.

'I had braces, teenage acne, and experienced social shyness and,

as a result, attended only all-women's educational institutions.

'I have wonderful parents and come from a great background,

but just never really got a chance to, well, 'do it'.

'I never thought I'd be approaching my 30th birthday as a

virgin who hasn't found a meaningful connection, but here I am.'

Predictably, her unusual quest has proved a PR bonanza for

both herself and the women's mag - which will publish her
blog about her blind dates and her progress, if any, from first
base to home plate.

Check out the contenders, hear her story and r
ead her dating blog on

So what has driven 29-year-old Sarah DiMuro to
get a magazine to help 'sell' her virginity?

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